Dr. K.K.Achary
Dr. K. K. Achary

Professor (Former Professor, Dept. of Statistics, Mangalore University)
Research area: Biostatistics, Operation research, Data mining

Dr. Keshava
Dr. T. S. Keshava Prasad

Deputy Director (CSBMM)
Research area: Proteomics, Human signaling and metabolic pathways

Dr. Yashwanth
Dr. Yashwanth Subbannayya

Assistant Professor
Research area: Cancer biology, Signal transduction

Dr. Sneha
Dr. Sneha M. Pinto

Research area: Biomarkers and therapeutic targets, Metabolomics

Dr. Prashant Kumar Modi
Dr. Prashant Kumar Modi

Assistant Professor
Research area: Neurodegenerative diseases, proteomics

Dr. Pratigya
Dr. Pratigya Subba

Assistant Professor
Research area: Plant proteomics, Proteomics of infectious diseases

Dr. Rahul
Dr. Rahul Dilip Chavan

Scientific Officer
Research area: Translational medicine, Infectious diseases and vector biology,

Ms. Aparna
Ms. Aparna Hegde

Clinical Research Co-ordinator

Mr. Arun Patil
Mr. Arun Kumar H. Patil

Research area: Bioinformatics

Adjunct/ Visiting Faculty

Dr. B.S.Rao
Dr. B. S. Rao

Professor (Former Head, Radiation Protection Advisory Division, BARC)
Research area: Radiation Biology, Epidemiology Research

Dr. Harsha
Dr. Harsha Gowda

Research area: Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets, Metabolomics

Dr. Vijay
Dr. Vijay Boggaram

Professor (The University of Texas Health Science centre)
Research area: Cell and Molecular Biology

Dr. Saleem Chouaib
Dr. Saleem Chouaib

Professor and Head (Institut Gustave Roussy Villejuif, France)
Research area: Tumor Immunology

Technical/ Office Staff

Ms. Sajida
Ms. Sajida

Technical Assistant

Ms. Suzna
Ms. Suzna M. Pandial

Technical Assistant

Mrs. Shwetha
Ms. Shwetha

Secondary Division Assistant

Mrs. Sharika
Mrs. Sharika

Office Assistant

Mr. Vijay
Mr. Vijay Kumar

Office Assistant