Microbiology and Infectious diseases

In advent of recent next generation technology, we are performing the high-end molecular detection methodologies for the clinical prospective. Starting with the cultivating the pathogen to idenfication, phylogenetics, and to genome sequencing approach, we could find out the patho-physiology of certain Class-II risk level bacteria in clinical settings. Numerous etiological and morbid situations in hospitals like:Cather associated infection, Nosocomial infections, Neonatal-sepsis, typhus fever and other epidemic situations have been screened for culprit detection and possibly we use them for finding the evolutionary modifications through SNP, bar-HRM and mutation detection methods. We are able to serve the nation, by wide range of advanced techniques such as Single Nuclueotide Polymorphism, High-Resolution-Melting-Curve analysis, PCR-Genotyping, comparative bacterial genomics and population genetics.

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